Fee Only Accounts Held at TD Ameritrade

Annual Fee Asset Minimum Asset Max
1.0-1.5% (Subject) $0 $1,000,000
0.900% $1,000,001 $2,500,000
0.825% $2,500,001 $5,000,000
0.750% $5,000,001 $10,000,000
0.625% $10,000,001 $25,000,000
0.500% $25,000,001 $50,000,000
0.375% $50,000,001 +

Fixed Income and Alternative Portfolios

We believe fixed income assets belong in a non-fee account, and it’s generally more cost-effective for our clients. For this reason, Boelte O'Hara Wealth Management maintains a relationship with Purshe Kaplan Sterling Investments

Fixed income investments are subject to a 1-1.5% fee known as a sales credit. Commission costs in a brokerage account range from 1-1.5%. Costs are incurred on a transactional basis and will be disclosed to the client as investments are recommended. Minimum fees per household are $625/quarter and include a mandatory Investment Policy Agreement and a Basic Goals-Based Financial Plan.

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Financial Planning Services

In order to best serve the holistic needs of our clients, we offer four plans:

Basic Goal-Based Financial Plan
$750 - $1,250
Designed with pre-retirees in mind, our basic goal-based financial plan aims to create a sound plan for your retirement savings or life events. We’ll address things such as: 

  • Insurance
  • Estate planning
  • Income
  • Savings and expense management
  • Debt and credit management
  • Financial life counseling and education

Comprehensive Cash Flow Retirement Financial Planning

$2,500 - $3,500
For individuals or families, 55 and older, our Comprehensive Cash Flow Retirement Financial Plan addresses the entire retirement planning process, including:

  • Meeting multiple financial objectives
  • Sources of retirement income
  • Personal savings
  • Expense management
  • Employer-sponsored retirement plans
  • Income taxes
  • Retirement cash flow
  • Asset management
  • Insurance and estate planning
  • Financial education
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Comprehensive Cash Flow Financial Planning

Have a complex situation or a special need? We’ll address the entire planning process with the necessary executive compensation considerations.

Limited Financial Planning Engagement

Our Limited Financial Planning Engagements are available for younger individuals who have limited needs. These engagements include basic financial life counseling and education along with insurance considerations, savings and expense management, and debt and credit management.