Accessing Financial Planning Services


Your financial plan lives here!. We are always working here behind the scenes, but eMoney provides really neat tools for you, too! For example, you can link your bank account, or keep a budget. You can save all kinds of documents in your encrypted vault including birth certificates, death certificates, and titles; all of the important things that you don’t think about until you need them.

Black Diamond

Thanks to Black Diamond, you can view all of your accounts at Boelte O’Hara Wealth Management in one place. You have easy access to your account allocations, gains and losses, income and statements here.

TD Ameritrade

Stocks, ETFs, individual equity securities and managed accounts are held at TD Ameritrade, where our Registered Advisory Assets are custodied. You received a letter from TD Ameritrade with your login information when we opened the account. If that letter is long gone, no worries! You can call the office and we’ll set up your direct access to TD Ameritrade.

PKS Investments

Fixed Income is most often held in an NFS brokerage account. Wealthscape is the platform we use to access NFS. If you would like direct access to your brokerage account and don’t have it, please call our office and we’ll get it set up for you!